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Lomo  Spicy

Lomo Spicy

185.00 ฿ THB
185.00 ฿ THB
รวมภาษี ค่าจัดส่งที่คิดคำนวณในระหว่างขั้นตอนการชำระเงิน

Authentic taste of tradition with our exquisitely crafted Lomo Spicy. A delicacy made from 100% locally sourced free-range pork loin, this cured meat product carries the hallmark of quality, flavor, and uncompromising craftsmanship.

The pork loin, harvested from the back of the animal, is meticulously salted and cured, ensuring an exceptional taste profile. We proudly maintain a natural process, utilizing no artificial colorants or additives, thus preserving the authenticity of the product.

The product is available in a convenient 100g sliced pack, easy to use and perfect for your next gourmet recipe, charcuterie board, or a simple, flavor-packed sandwich.

For maximum freshness, we recommend storing the product in the fridge in its original packaging for up to 1 month. Once opened, it can be enjoyed within 2 weeks.