The Journey of Coppa: A Tale of Italian Heritage and Culinary Ingenuity

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In the world of Italian charcuterie, few delicacies are as cherished as Coppa. Also known as Capocollo in some regions of Italy, this traditional cured meat hails from the Emilia-Romagna region and is made from the muscle between the neck and the fourth rib of the pig. But did you know that Coppa has a fascinating history that stretches across the Atlantic and has found a home here in the heart of Bangkok at Maison Fostier's Charcuterie? Let's delve into the tale of this beloved Italian delicacy and its journey to our store.

The Great Italian Emigration

The story begins in the late 19th to early 20th century, a period often referred to as the "Great Italian Emigration." During this time, millions of Italians left their homeland in search of better opportunities, with many setting their sights on the United States. Among the few possessions they brought with them, one item was particularly cherished - Coppa.

Coppa was an ideal travel companion. Its long shelf life provided a reliable source of protein during the long voyage across the Atlantic. However, upon arrival at Ellis Island, these immigrants faced a significant hurdle.

Ellis Island and the Challenge of Immigration

At Ellis Island, immigration inspectors were instructed to confiscate all imported food for public health reasons. This meant that many Italian immigrants had to relinquish their precious Coppa, a heartbreaking moment for those who saw it as a connection to the home they had left behind.

But the Italians are known for their ingenuity and love of good food. Some immigrants, determined to keep their Coppa, found creative ways to hide it. They stashed it in their luggage, sewed it inside their clothing, and used every trick they could think of to ensure their beloved Coppa made it through inspection.

Coppa in the New World and Beyond

Despite the strict immigration rules, Coppa managed to make its way to the United States. It became an integral part of Italian-American cuisine, a testament to the resilience and culinary passion of the Italian immigrants. Today, it's enjoyed not only in Italy and the US but all over the world.

Coppa at Maison Fostier's Charcuterie

Here at Maison Fostier's Charcuterie, in the heart of Bangkok, we're proud to continue the tradition of making Coppa using ancestral recipes. We understand the rich history and the culinary journey that this delicacy has undertaken, and we strive to honor that in every slice we serve.

The journey of Coppa is a testament to the power of food as a carrier of culture and heritage. It's a story of resilience, ingenuity, and the universal love of good food. So, the next time you enjoy a slice of our delicious Coppa, remember the incredible journey it has made to reach your plate.

At Maison Fostier's Charcuterie, we invite you to experience the rich, savory flavor of Coppa and appreciate the remarkable journey that has brought it from the Italian countryside to our store and ultimately, to your table. Buon appetito!

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