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Our Story

Welcome to Maison Fostier, where tradition and artisanal craftsmanship are at the forefront of our premium charcuterie. Our founder, Thierry Fostier, is a master charcutier steeped in the old world techniques passed down through generations of charcutiers. He honed his skills through years of experience in Europe, particularly in France, Italy, and Greece, where he operated several renowned restaurants and drew inspiration from the traditional recipes of local charcutiers.

At Maison Fostier, we are dedicated to preserving the traditional methods of charcuterie-making, using only the freshest, highest-quality local and organic ingredients. Our charcuterie is handmade with precision and patience, using old world techniques to create an unparalleled depth of flavor and an exquisite texture.

We are passionate about our craft and dedicated to creating charcuterie that is not only delicious but also a true reflection of the artisanal tradition. From the selection of meats to the use of the finest herbs, spices, and other ingredients, each product is carefully curated to meet our exacting standards.

We also have a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. We collaborate with local farmers and breeders to ensure that our meats are humanely raised, free-range, and fed a blend of herbs, guava leaves, turmeric, and kariot, all produced locally.

Experience the true artistry of old world charcuterie-making at Maison Fostier. Treat your palate to the rich flavors and textures of our handcrafted delicacies, made using traditional methods and techniques. Join us in our commitment to preserving the artisanal craft of charcuterie and savor the tradition of European charcuterie in the heart of Bangkok. 

Maison Fostier is an artisanal charcuterie company that has been established in Bangkok, Thailand. The company's mission is to create 100% Thai local charcuterie using traditional European know-how. The foundation of the company was laid after years of research and development, testing and perfecting various recipes. The end result is a collection of more than 30 charcuterie recipes that are all made with the utmost care and attention to detail. The recipes are a true reflection of the company's passion for charcuterie and are inspired by the rich culinary traditions of various regions from all over the Old World - from Belgium to Greece, and from Italy to Spain.

The company's approach to charcuterie is both an art and a science. The meats are naturally handcrafted with an emphasis on quality, paying close attention to the smallest details of the process. Ingredients are sourced locally and are always fresh, from the meat to the spices, dried fruits, wine, beer, and cheeses. The meats are carved from local, organic, high-quality, lean, antibiotic-free pork and are seasoned with a judicious amount of sea salt, garlic and freshly ground spices. The charcuterie is then preserved in natural casings and aged naturally and slowly without any artificial methods to ensure a finished product that has a deep, nuanced flavor and an exquisite texture.

The company is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. They favor collaborations and partnerships with local farmers and breeders to source humane, free-range pork that is fed a blend of locally produced herbs, guava leaves, turmeric and kari. They refuse to process less expensive industrial pork and believe in the hard work, quality and care for the animal that characterize small farmers and ranchers.

For the creation of more elaborate products, the company collaborates with local cheese makers and winemakers from Chiang Mai to Ratchaburi. The meats arriving at the company's workshop are immediately reworked in their cold room to guarantee freshness and impeccable taste. The meat, salt, and spices are mixed and left to rest overnight before being stuffed into natural casings. After embossing, they are dried in a cool, dark, airy, and slightly humid space to best reconstitute the natural drying conditions of the Old World. They use state-of-the-art, professional, and efficient equipment while maintaining the traditional methods of charcuterie.

At Maison Fostier, they are committed to improving the world on a small scale by redefining charcuterie through the use of regenerative agriculture. The company's goal is to constantly supply themselves with humane free-range pork, eating a blend of herbs, guava leaves, turmeric and kari all produced locally. They believe that this approach to agriculture helps to repair a defective system and is in line with the principles of self-sufficiency that have been practiced by rural indigenous farmers for many generations around the world.


Bienvenue chez Maison Fostier, où la tradition et l'artisanat sont au cœur de notre charcuterie haut de gamme. Nous sommes dédiés à préserver les méthodes traditionnelles de la charcuterie en utilisant uniquement les ingrédients locaux et bio les plus frais. Notre charcuterie est fabriquée à la main avec précision et patience, en utilisant des techniques du vieux monde pour créer une profondeur de saveur sans pareille et une texture exquise.

Nous sommes passionnés par notre métier et déterminés à créer une charcuterie qui soit non seulement délicieuse, mais également fidèle à la tradition artisanale. De la sélection des viandes à l'utilisation des herbes, épices et autres ingrédients les plus fins, chaque produit est soigneusement sélectionné pour répondre à nos normes exigeantes.

Nous avons également un engagement fort en matière de durabilité et de sourcing éthique. Nous collaborons avec des agriculteurs et éleveurs locaux pour garantir que nos viandes sont élevées de manière humaine, en liberté et nourries avec un mélange d'herbes, de feuilles de goyave, de curcuma et de kariot produits localement.

Venez découvrir l'art véritable de la charcuterie du

vieux monde chez Maison Fostier. Faites voyager vos papilles avec les saveurs riches et les textures de nos delices faits à la main, fabriqués en utilisant des méthodes traditionnelles et des techniques. Rejoignez-nous dans notre engagement à préserver l'artisanat de la charcuterie et savourez la tradition de la charcuterie européenne au cœur de Bangkok.

En outre, nous sommes fiers de dire que nos produits sont 95% produits en Thaïlande. Nous croyons en le dur labeur, la qualité et les soins pour l'animal qui caractérisent les petits agriculteurs et éleveurs. Pour la création de produits plus élaborés, nous collaborons avec des fromagers et vignerons locaux de Chiang Mai à Ratchaburi.

Enfin, notre engagement en faveur de l'agriculture régénérative fait partie intégrante de notre entreprise. Nous croyons que cette forme d'agriculture contribue à améliorer la santé du sol, à augmenter le bien-être des communautés et à protéger les droits des travailleurs.

En résumé, chez Maison Fostier, nous sommes déterminés à améliorer le monde à petite échelle en réinventant la charcuterie. Nous invitons les amateurs de charcuterie à découvrir notre gamme de produits uniques, faits à la main avec soin et passion.

Maison Fostier

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